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On 27 February, 2012 by bunny

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Few weeks ago, Pork and I attended the Global Android Dev Camp2012 hackathon. 혻 This time it wasn’t as stressful and really no pressure………………. even though we are versing the world! Global Android Dev Camp is an event that happened from the 17th – 19th of February 2012 all over the world. 혻Pork and myself attended in Melbourne with a small group from Android Australia User Group. Although not everyone summited their app to GADC but everyone got something out of it. 혻Especially the newbies ?셽


Pork 'n' Bunny hacking away at night

Pork ‘n’ Bunny hacking away at night (photo courtesy of James Giang)


Basically for this event we can make whatever we wanted. 혻However if you want to win certain prizes, you have to do it within their criteria, such as using their SDK or APIs etc. 혻We didn’t follow any prize criteria and just made what ever we felt. 혻Pork always wanted to try Google’s places api so we did that instead and behold within 48ish hours – On My Way Search was made.


On My Way Search allow users to find shops on their regular route (within 24 hours timeframe). 혻혻Users will need an active Google Latitude account and the internet for it to work properly. 혻Google Latitude tracks the route you’ve been travelling. 혻By using this information, when you look for a shop it will find the closes shop distance according to your route.


For example, in a drive from home-to-work and work-to-home route scenario you want to buy petrol closest to your route. 혻So in our app you would time “Petrol” or “Gas Station” and it will find the closest gas station on your route (and if that doesn’t exist it’ll simply find the nearest one).


If you want to try out for yourself and have a play, please download the app by clicking on the QR code or scanning.

*NOTE: 혻This is only the first version and only for GADC entry for now.


On My Way Search QR Code

Download the app by scanning the code


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