Android Developers Lab 2012 Melbourne

On 2 February, 2012 by bunny
Pork n Bunny at Android Developer Lab Melbourne 2012

Pork n Bunny attended Android Developer Lab Melbourne 2012

Yesterday Eric and I went to Melbourne’s Android Developer Lab at Telstra. 혻A lot of enthusiastic developers attended although ourselves were very sleepy. 혻This was my first ADL experience and Eric’s second (click here to read about Eric’s visit to London ADL). 혻I decided to attend this time because I wanted to learn about the new Android Design and how I could improve user experience. 혻My first impression was, “wow, this is like University all over again but this time I wanted to attend class!” 혻It was from 9-to-5 non-stop information혻absorption, it was good to see a few familiar faces from the SAPI Hackathon and Android Australia User Group.

Developers at Android Developer Lab

Developers all up and early! 혻Mostly men of course………

Android Developer Lab Melbourne 2012

Android Developer Lab begins

The first presentation talked about the혻Fundamentals, Style and Pattern of the Android Design. 혻To be honest, this part I thought I could actually skip because everything they had mention is pretty much from the website (Android Design). 혻The rest of the presentation was about Connections, Communication, Security and Hacks. 혻It was good to see demonstration of how Android Beam and Wifi Direct. 혻Although the Wifi Direct demo didn’t really work, Android Beam is pretty cool. 혻It’s instant sharing of content by two phones tapping each other and taadaa! 혻Also, Google have made an official Android Developers page so follow that if you’re interested. 혻You can ask them all sorts of questions there and they have regular hang outs too!

Pork eating an Ice Cream Sandwich!!

Break time! Eric eating an Ice Cream Sandwich!!

After a few breaks and all the presentations we got to do some coding. 혻Basically it’s a혻sequel혻to the London ADL that Eric did a few months ago. 혻Back then was the ‘HoneyPad’ this time we’re doing the ‘ICSpad’ (ICS for Ice Cream Sandwich). 혻Then at the end there was questions time which lasted almost an hour! 혻So many questions..

Giveaways at the ADL 2012

USB Pork got for asking too many questions haha

And then we ended the day by having Shanghai Dumplings…

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